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Hej, I've a problem with my procmail conversion. When I receive email sent from an HP printer-scanner, they arrived with UTF-8 encoding charset. I need to.... [Sysadmins] CP1251 procmail. mike 21 00:06:21 MSD 2009. : [Sysadmins].... It is not changed, but you are zapping the headers so that the correct Content-Type: header is no longer present (you should also keep.... #DECODE=`/etc/` #SUBJ=`echo $SUBJ | iconv -f big-5 -t utf-8` #SUBJ=`echo $SUBJ | iconv -f $CHAR -t utf-8` # script.... 0 cross 13 . procmailrc 20061207. #!/bin/bash. CHAR=`cat /tmp/procmail_whatcode` SUBJ=`cat /tmp/procmail_subj`. , ? 7- ASCII , .... . mail : echo . read TELO. mail -s test...


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